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How are the puffy stickers made from factory

 Nearly all young children love stickers,it is cheap,colorful and bring them much fun and can used for decoration.They can buy them in many different stores with nice packing.
There are many kinds of stickers 
such as puffy stickers,glitter stickers,sticker book,hologram stickers,tattoos etc.

Do you know how to produec them from original materials to stickers?Today i will show you one of the sticker process:Puffy Stickers.
Puffy stickers is one of the most pop kind in market especial the cute designs because they look 3D effect and soft touch which attracts kids more than normal stickers.

Factory need to buy the blank foam PVC material to cut them in sticker sheet size,then place on the silkscreen desk in marked position.
Then the workers adjust the special screen ink to meet the sticker design color proof.When the inks are ready for printing,workes need to screen CMYK one by one,
it means a colorful stickers need 4 times printing.After the silk screen finished then put them in to embossing machine which

The embossing make them looks 3D effect and just remove the useless parts then pack in opp bag with printed card,that is a complete products you can buy in stores.
You can use for stationery decor,party fun,play games etc that would make you a lot of fun.

Sometimes the whosale clients want to additional process such as hot stamping(gold,silver),silkscreen glitter,hologram etc.That would be similar process or additional materials.

Hope this can help you or buyers know more about the puffy stickers.
puffy sticker material silk screening  
  1)Place materials in position                                     2)CMYK silk screen 

 hot embossing die cut
   3)Hot embossing and die cut                                    4)After die cut 

  nice packingdecoration stickers
     5) Packing with printed card                                    6)Fun to use them


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