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Magic Restick TPE Educational Note Board Products

  Normal stickers are self-adhesive and just can use one time,even it is removable no more than 5 times to use.

So for some products or scenes it is a high cost to buy such products.Is there any product can stick and peel off 
then stick again?

Today i will introduce you our new roduct:
TPE stick productswhich is non adhesive but can stick on any smooth 
surface and peel&stick again and again,such as wood,galss,metal and tile etc.It is made of special material and PET
so you can wash that too.The TPE is not flat but with thickness 0.8~4mm for you to choose.Also it is soft enough to
bend to any shape and back to the original shape,just like sponge.
This kind of products are usually made into some educational products like note board,story scene puzzle and 
markers etc.

If you like this product and need samples just contact us to get more details.
* clings to any surface
*sticks again and again
no mess--no residue
won't damage surfaces 
*safety adheres to doors,windows,whiteboards,walls and much more

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